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Cretan Icons (15th-17th c.) and their Histories

Ikoner från Kreta, 1400-talet till 16.00-talet, och deras historia


23 januari 2023




Kl 18:00 - 20:00


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This lecture will take you on a journey to the island of Crete, trying to throw light on the prevailing historical, social and religious conditions during its occupation by the Venetians, which lasted for more than 400 years (1210-1669). This journey will be navigated by Cretan icons, produced between the fifteenth and the seventeenth centuries. My aim is to focus mainly on the 15th c., which appears to be the most decisive century for the transformation of the island of Crete into the most important artistic centre of its time. Cretan icons were destined for both Orthodox and Venetian clients and were, consequently, painted either alla maniera greca (=in the Byzantine manner) or alla maniera latina (=in the Western manner).

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