Future Echoes 2022

Future Echoes is Sweden’s new showcase festival that kicks off the 17-19th February 2022 in Norrköping, Sweden. The festival will have 100 artists from around the world and an international music conference with international speakers. The festival is held at several venues in central Norrköping.

Under den nya internationella showcasefestivalen Future Echoes kommer vi på Sensus presentera en egen scen där vi låter fyra utvalda akter visa upp sig för bransch och publik. Akterna som är utvalda kommer från olika delar av landet och är alla en del av Sensus stora musikverksamhet. För mer info om festivalen, besök:

Utvalda akter som spelar på Future Echoes 2022:

Sensus Showcase - Future Echoes 2022


Although she has only released four singles, Swedish Bluephox has already been hailed as ”Pop diamond”, ”An extremely promising artist” and compared to icons such as Robyn, HAIM, Bonnie Tyler and ”as if Stevie Nicks had fronted Future Islands”. (Nöjesguiden, SWE-HYMN, SWE-BBC1 & Hoxton Radio, ENG-Popmuzik, SWE-The Revue, CAN-Makeitsoundumea, SWE) Bluephox, or Philippa Magnusson, grew up in Stockholm with music constantly present. Many thanks to her father, who was a rock guitarist in the 1960s. The musical legacy characterized the childhood home where Pink Floyd, Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Van Morrison, Stingoch Supertramp went hot in the turntable. In her late teens, Isena fell in love with a singer who uses her voice as an instrument – the soul queen Erykah Badu. Together with contemporary, electronic synths, it is in the mix of influences we find Bluephox.

The debut single Gold was released on May 22, 2020 and ended up on Apple Music’s top 100 best songs of 2020. The sequels Paul’s Boutique from the same year and the cover of Red Hot Chili Peppers Californication continued in the same obvious Bluephox manner. In October 2021 she got officially back again – this time with a 80s inspired pop banger named ”Touched by Neon”.

February 19th she will play on the Future Echoes Sensus stage, where she and her band will also play new, unreleased material.


The Confusions

The band formed in 1991 by a gang of childhood friend in the suburb of Skönsberg of Sundsvall – an industrial town in the north, better known for its punk, postpunk and metal scene. But being an outsider can be sometimes be to your advantage. And the band took that chance and developed quick.

Only three years later – their second album “Everyone’s Invited” – produced by Peter Svensson from The Cardigans, smashed all the doors open to numerous releases and tours all over the world. It was crowned with the title of “one of this year’s five top album” by Record Collector.

Some years later a gig at SXSW would open the door for some touring of US and finally also a Nordic MTV no 1 for the video to The Pilot in 2002. Things don’t always turn out the way it should, but the band survived all the ups and downs of an indie band, still constantly touring developing and releasing records. Building a bond between the members that is really special.

After a challenging period, the band built a studio in their rehearsal room and 2008 recorded the more than one hour long self-produced album “The Story Behind the Story” that by many was regarded as their finest work and also found a working method by recording and producing in their own studio.

In early 2020 the band played two hours show in Sundsvall with tracks from all their 30 years and felt it was time to gather some of the latest releases and combine with the new stuff. 2021 The Confusions released the double vinyl album ”Black Silhouettes”, an impressive 20 song album by a band at their brilliant best.

Live they are a stunning band and this album also proves their impressive songwriting skills and passion for their own musical universe. On this album you will find everything from lo-fi indie-grooves, straightforward indiepop tunes and melodic post-punk energy.

Both albums available on double vinyl in gatefold cover. Digitally the second LP will be released on the 20th of August.


Anna Arco

”True to her name, from the Greek foundation of the word anarchism – an archos: without rulers or leaders, the Swedish multi-musician and producer Anna Arco is a devoted DIY-artist. Influenced by her background as an educated jazz musician and a childhood with hip hop Arco writes genre-warping pop adorned with poetic lyrics and seemingly boundless vocals. Shortly after recording her debut single in the prominent Ingrid-studio she released her debut album Songs within the Spectrum in 2019 about which the Australian Women in Pop Magazine wrote ”A remarkable collection of heartfelt pop reflecting both the light and darkness of her experiences.” It was quickly picked up by Swedish music critic PSL and got international recognition. Arco returned on the 27th of August in 2021 with her second album Sad Secret Songs where she transformed the grief of losing her best friend into dark Scandinavian artpop. It got played on Swedish national radio P3 and received beautiful reviews from all over the world.”



Grapell is a band consisting of Emil Erstrand and Nils Nygårdh, two long-time friends writing love songs from a basement in Stockholm.

The duo started making music with their first band when they were 16 and have stuck together ever since. Throughout the years, via several projects and constellations, the music has become both refined and simplified and left the songs of Grapell honest with a core of raw and genuine emotion. It is timeless music about life, love, lust and heartbreak. And not only the themes of the songs are timeless; so is the sound of the music.

When listening to a Grapell song you may hear traces of classic soul, country, Beatle-esque rock and even R&B. But at the same time, you will experience something completely unique – not least through Erstrand’s heartfelt vocals.

Grapell is based on Erstrand’s song writing, playful storytelling combined with solid melodies, and brought to life through the collaboration between the two members. Whilst Nygårdh is the band’s drummer he also plays a crucial part as a creative sounding board. Often times, Erstrand writes the core of the song on his own and then brings it to the rehearsal space where the duo sort it out together, just to later on record it in the very same room. Grapell has always been a classic DIY project.

Although Grapell work as duo during a big part of the creative process, on stage they become a full-on band. The live version of Grapell is a group of friends all contributing to transform the personal and sometimes-intimate songs into grand anthems and epic ballads.

This far Erstrand and Nygårdh have released four EPs and one full-length album. They have toured through several countries with the band and gained devoted listeners all over the world. Grapell’s music offers a place where you can lose yourself for a while, and, whether you’re experiencing life affirmative excitement or heart-breaking sadness, find a song to channel that very emotion. The world of Grapell is a place where only the true, raw and honest is important.

The Answer, Grapell’s second full-length album, focus – maybe more than any earlier release – on the euphoric highs and ruthless lows of a love story. It’s taking the listener on a journey through the course of a relationship. From the first wobbly steps of a new love, to the sentimental retrospect when it’s all over