Being the third party - Experiences and challenges during a Minor Field Study in Kenya

What happens when you as a third party visits a vulnerable area? What challenges may you face?


23 mars 2020




Kl 18:30 - 20:00





Through a Minor Field Study, the Sida Alumni Isabelle Rindal came to visit a small society in Western Kenya. Her study focused on a collaborative project between Kenya and Sweden, where a school was built in an area surrounded by various challenges. In this talk, Isabelle will share her experiences and the challenges she was faced with. Her story will focus on local independence in developing countries and the factors affecting our opinions and our world view. Furthermore, her talk will touch on subjects about sustainable development and how different world views can lead to culture shocks.

Isabelle Rindal is a Sida Alumni and a former student of the Peace and Conflict Studies programme at Malmö University.

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