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Sharing your food culture with others

Who does not love food? At this event you who have migrated to Sweden, are invited to explore peoples diverse cultures through food. We will meet and talk about the food from our native country and share stories and memories.


Aktiviteten är påbörjad men vi tar emot efteranmälningar.




Kl 17:00 - 19:00


Alvesta bibliotek



Have you migrated to Sweden and love to talk about the food and culture of your homeland? Then you are invited to this meeting where we explore diverse cultures through food and create the opportunity to reconnect with the cultural practices of your place of origin. We will talk about the cuisine from our native countries and share stories about the memories from around the dinner table, restaurants you may miss and the dishes you still love and make.

If a lot of people want to do this again there will be more meetings with an opportunity to bring the dishes we have previously discussed and share this food experience with each other. Perhaps even cookig together will be possible.

The goal is to empower and identify connections between cultures and encourage growth of multicultural communities in Småland.


If you would like to participate you do not have to speak Swedish. However, having some skills in communicating in English is helpful. If you speak neither Swedish or English, we will help eachother communicate toghether and the leader can set up digital audio translation when we meet.

Free event

Note that at this event the focus is on talking about our food culture. You don't have to bring any food with you, unless you want to.


Tilda is a student of design at Linnaeus Univeristy with a great interest for food and culture. One of her projects is working on a "mulitcultural cookbok".

Arrangemangsnummer: 870457