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Resources self-empowerment: for finding inner security, practice selfcare and enjoy life

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Tisdag, Torsdag


Kl 14:00 - 16:30


10 tillfällen, 30 studietimmar


Sensus Stockholm Medborgarhuset (plan 7)Kreativt Rum 13

Medborgarplatsen 4 11826 STOCKHOLM



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This course is for Ukrainian refugees who have fled the war in Ukraine. Sensus will have a course in collaboration with Region Stockholm. Sensus will offer a unique and specially developed course where the aim is to let you (with the help of an interpreter) gain knowledge, skills and coaching in taking care of yourself and finding your own inner security and exploring your own resources. It will be a gentle course and knowledge and skills that you will benefit from throughout your life and it will be time well invested.

Collaborations and content

Teachers of Somatic Experiencing (theory and grounding and self regulation excercises, Creative activities, Yoga etc. You will also practice swedish. The course will mainly be on thursday afternoons and some tuesdays as well.

Med stöd av Region Stockholm.

Arrangemangsnummer: 301108


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