Misa Criolla Training

Integrera rörelse, meditation och dans


18 augusti 2021


Onsdag, torsdag, fredag, lördag, söndag


Kl 18:00 - 21:00


8 tillfällen, 60 studietimmar


5600 kr

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The Misa Criolla is an important testament to both Spanish and Latin American musical culture. With the Misa Criolla, composer Ariel Ramirez created an entirely new way of reconciling European and traditional Latin American culture. The Misa Criolla Training is based on the ”Art for Peace - Path of the Heart” principles, namely the realisation of an integration through movement, meditation and dance, which combines with respect for different social, cultural and religious backgrounds. We work from a place of universal spirituality and connection, which deepens the dances and meditation of movement.

The Misa Criolla Training is offered in different countries by official Trainers. The training invites people who are interested in being open to receiving an in-depth experience of this Danced Prayer. Completion of the Training enables participants to teach the Misa Criolla in their own groups.

One of Susanne Bartholomäi's central aims is to deepen the bodily experience of the dances and the music. Movement meditations and bodywork are used to develop centeredness, alignment and focus, as both help us to become aware of the vertical and horizontal connection in which we dance, and in which we also live. Connected in the circle as the symbol of unity, we can open ourselves to the transforming power of the spiral, and let the music guide us towards an holistic experience, an opening of body, heart and spirit.


This Training is open to people with previous Circle Dance experience. The teaching language is English.


As an official trainer Susanne Anders Bartholomäi is trained by Nanni Kloke and qualified to offer Misa Criolla Trainings. She has a masters degree in psychology and is a dance teacher, leading Sacred Dance workshops for more than 20 years. She is offering year- long teacher trainings and further deepenings in Gemany, Sweden and Irland. Her work is supported by many years of experience in body work and meditation. Susanne lives in the Findhorn Community in the North of Scotland. www.tanzmeditation.de


18-22 augusti, startar kl 18 på torsdagen och slutar kl 13 på söndagen.


Kursavgift & helpension (kost & logi) Kursavgift: 300 € + ca 1 500 SEK Helpension på Åsljungagården (betalas vid incheckningen): Logi finns i enkelrum eller dubbelrum i olika standard. Logipriser från 1 200 kr i dubbelrum med wc/dusch i korridor till 2 000 kr i enkelrum med wc/dusch. Hyra av lakan & handdukar: 120 kr. Maten under hela kursen kostar 1 270 kr och inkluderar frukostar, luncher och middagar. Anmäl också om du behöver specialkost.

Info och Anmälan

Åsljungagården ligger i norra Skåne. Du bokar själv kost och logi där tel: 0435-460054 info@efsgarden.com Vi har förbokat mat och sovrum så det är viktigt att du meddelar att du hör till gruppen ”Heliga danser” när du bokar. Själva kursen anmäler du dig till hos Pia Rosén (Torsö Musik & Dans) via pia@pinglabo.se


Susanne Bartholomäi